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Astoria High School Flag Football League



09-10 **All-Time HSFFL Stat Leaders

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The History of HSFFL


It all started back in October of 2004. Football season had just ended for a group of highschool boys in the small town of Astoria, Illinois. For one young man it was the end of his career, and he was just looking for a way to keep playing the game that he loved. Luckily, his dear friend and former commisioner of this great league, Niles had an idea. It wasn't going to be easy though, Brian and Niles wanted to form a flag football league. With some brainstorming from two of his other friends, Kolton and Brad, Brian and Niles were able to come up with a few ideas on how to start this "league". They talked to members of the high school at the time to see if anyone was interested. The support was good, they decided to go forward with the idea of creating a flag football league.

First off, they need to find a place to play. Sure there are plenty of flat spots that could used for playing flag football, but you can't just go play anywhere. Niles had the good idea of using the kickball field at Camp Emmanuel. Although the field wasn't entirely "flat" the crew was able to decide that the inaugural season was a success.